6 thoughts on “Football Prediction: Follow up”

  1. You might want to have a look at the various American college football rankings (aka BCS) systems. One great site to look at is masseyratings.com. Massey is one of the BCS computer model. His website does a great job of aggregating the various modeling methods.

  2. http://www.michaelwray.co.nz/
    this guy lets you download his league table sheets for free been looking at your blogs as i was/am interested in using neural networks as a prediction for UK football now how he makes these sheets he wont share as their quite good an its his hobby but he has a deduction column on them an thought it might help
    you might have all ready addressed this but you could add a column for deducting points with a condition not to implement them till the last day off the season another site ive found useful is http://www.olbg.com

  3. oh an after thought the more i look into this the more i realise i don’t know/understand most of my work was done in excel an anything ive used in them i got from a web site what i need to do is start learning how to write programmes can you recommend any papers/sites i could look at as a beginner in this thanks Paul

  4. Paul

    Many thanks for your comments, and sorry it too me a while to get back to you.

    I need to get back on board with this project – as I **think** I have some really good ideas, many inspired by comments through my blog.

    Thanks again.

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