MISTA Conference: Venue for 2011 announced

MISTA 2009 finished in the time honoured fashion of a social day. On this occasion it was a cruise down the River Liffey, followed by a two hour guided tour around Dublin, ending up at Trinity College Dublin (which, strangley enough is where MISTA 2009 started as it was the first place we visited when looking for a venue for the conference (in the end, we decided against TCD for various reasons)).

But, as the 2009 conference ends, planning for the 2011 conference begins.

So far, the conference has taken place in Nottingham (2003), New York (2005), Paris (2007) and Dublin (2009). At the conference banquet we announced that the 2011 conference will take place in Phoenix, Arizona. The conference will be chaired by John Fowler, Barry McCollm and myself.

Starting to plan two years in advance might seem excessive but we have found the further out you plan, the easier it is.