Videos on the basics of Java

Videos on the basics of Java

Whilst looking through youtube (see my previous posts – here and here – for why I am doing this), I have come across some very nice youtube videos on the basics of Java. A very nice series of videos by Jose Vidal starts from the the basics of Java:

Eclipse Java ‘Hello World’ Introduction Tutorial

… but moves quickly on to topics such as:



Java Wrapper Classes

Java Immutable Classes

Java Packages

Java Arrays

Java Expanding Array

Java Selection Sort

Java Multidimensional Array

Java Inheritance Tutorial

Java Polymorphism

Java Reading a CSV file

Java Reading and Writing Binary Files

Java Serializable interface: Reading and writing Objects to a file

Java Arraylist

Java HashSet HashMap Demonstration

Java Generics Tutorial

Java Iterators

Java Building your own Iterator using Inner Classes

Eclipse Tips and Tricks for Beginners Tutorial

Java Set: HashSet TreeSet LinkedHashSet

Jose has many other videos in his collection and if you find the above useful you should check out his youtube channel.


Other useful videos

As I have said before, there are many (many, many) youtube videos out there that can help teach the basics of Java. They are too numerous to list, but here are just a few that I have either found helpful, or that I plan to watch later (and I might just keep adding to this list so that all the videos I found useful are kept in one place).

In no particular order.

Iterators Part 1 (Java)

I realise that many of the topics above are very basic for a seasoned programmer but I think that there is also some advanced material there as well (e.g. inheritance, polymorphism, iterators etc.), so hopefully it will be of interest to a wide variety of people.

I can certainly say (from my own persepctive) that to get your head around this in MFC/VS/C++ would certainly be a lot mor work (for me anyway).

The football prediction project

You can read more about this project by looking at the posts for this football prediction project.

2 thoughts on “Videos on the basics of Java”

  1. Interesting blog, Prof. Kendall, but one question: Why Java ? There are a number of good reasons for choosing Java, it being portable, well developed etc. But it is also (in IT time) rather old. I can think of more “modern” alternatives, like C# or Python. Did you consider these ?

  2. Thomas

    Thanks for the comment. I did look at other options, although did not spend as much time as (perhaps) I should have. But I had done a “Hello’ World” in Java before, I really knew nothing about C# and I was also motivated by the fact that many other people I knew used Java.
    So, perhaps the decision was not as reasoned as it could have been – but I had to make a decision and any one could be questioned.

    There also seems to be a lot of support for Java and although I have a few books on my bookshelves I have not yet had to open one. I guess the same is true of other languages but, I suspect, that Java is more supported than the others?

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