MISTA Conference: Plenary Talk (David Hine)

The last plenary at MISTA was given by David Hine. He is a sergeant with the Public Order Unit at New Scotland Yard (in particular Football Intelligence). His talk gave the delegates an overview of the issues and problems he faces in organising resources to police football matches in London, the wider UK and also when fans travel overseas (whether visiting other countries or fans coming to the UK).
He said that he wanted to take us into his world and also take us out of our comfort zone and he certainly did that, with some of the shocking videos that he showed. The feedback I received after his talk is captured by comments such as “an excellent presenter“, “one of the best conference talks I have ever seen” and “it really brings home the impact that the schedules have on everybody’s life.
I invited Dave to give the talk a few months back (after meeting up with him in London) and I would like to offer my personal thanks to him for taking a couple of days out of his busy schedule (and at the start of the football season) to give the talk to the MISTA audience.